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The ecosystems of FOSS software development and music are both extraordinarily collaborative. That's probably why I'm drawn to them. They depend on the passion and engagement of creators and supporters to stay vibrant and continue innovating.

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Attention Based Currency

Attention Based Currency (ABC) is a non-random, pattern-based system of allocating rewards for listening to music and other forms of online media. The Proof of Play algorithm rewards artists, audience, and host—with specific proportions dependent on the popularity and trending behavior of the media.

While our original Proof of Concept was based on a fork of Litecoin, we have since shifted our focus to a more eco-friendly DAPP protocol known as Holochain. We welcome new contributors who understand the potential of human-powered currency and the unique properties of "taste" as a variable that, in a correctly structured system, is challenging or impossible for machines to game.

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Million Song Mixtape

In 2016, I presented on ABC and Universal Basic Income at the BIEN Summit in Seoul, South Korea.

ABC Rewards What Is Human Watch talk.

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Read paper published in the Journal of BIEN 2016 Proceedings, co-authored with Scott Little, Ph.D.

Information Discovery

Over 4 million of the 20 million songs on Spotify have never been played.

The original goal of Lotus Chart data visualization tool was to solve this music disovery problem, recreating the experience of browsing a record shop or a friend's vinyl collection, and making it possible to scan and preview a large number of media selections "at a glance."

Watch talk at 2020 Southern California Linux Expo.

2020 SCaLe Talk

Browse a dynamic, multimedia collection of the Top 400 Music Videos of Portland, OR (PC only).

Top 400 Music Videos: Portland, OR Online Tipping ApplicationE-Commerce

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the responsive online tipping application enabled audiences to reward artists above and beyond the price of admission, directly from their Online Tipping Application