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Life is too short to always go for the sure thing. Through the years, I've followed my heart and my gut — contributing to FOSS projects and helping creative professionals and entrepreneurs bootstrap their MVPs.

Food for Change: A Documentary Film about Co-ops

Food for Change: A Documentary Film about Co-ops

Over the course of five years, we worked closely with the documentary filmmakers at as they completed production, editing, and fundraising to create an online experience that facilitated streaming video, engagement through social media and email newsletter, and coordination with documentary screenings at physical locations around the country.

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

As time and availability permit, I offer free UX audits to nonprofit open source projects. I've consulted on everything from RPGs to mental health applications to workplace collaboration software and streaming music. Please contact me on GitHub if you'd like to reserve a spot.

Zappen Augmented Reality

How to Use the Zappen AppReleased under the LGPL 3.0 license in 2016, Zappen visual search transformed two-dimensional images and logos into QR codes. Users can scan a poster or an icon and bring up a new website on their phones, or add their own images to our database, free of charge.

Early adopters and testers included vinyl record marketplace Discogs and Northampton, MA radio station WRSI.

Zappen Augmented Reality Mobile AppBuilt as a cross-platform React Native app with a PASTEC / ORB / OpenCV backend and tested with over 3,000 images, Zappen improved on PASTEC's original “visual words” algorithm for image recognition and search, resulting in an image recognition success rate of 98.3% under controlled testing conditions.

Zappen Augmented Reality Mobile App

The applications for advertising and brand management are obvious, but we built Zappen as a way to connect physical spaces and retail street life with the virtual world.

Zappen Augmented Reality Mobile App


ROSECODE is an interactive multimedia cyberpunk thriller, released under the Creative Commons license.

The project follows the Open Creative Franchise model, using the shared repository structure common to open source projects to create a shared fictional universe, where anyone can use the characters and artwork to create their own stories, games, films, and comics.

Futuristic Street Scene: ROSECODE Universe
Futuristic Gathering Spot: ROSECODE Universe
Empty Mid-21st Century Bar: ROSECODE Universe
ROSECODE Comic: Two Friends
ROSECODE Comic: Tim and the Girl in a Classroom
ROSECODE Comic: Collapsing Cell
Cosmic Child: ROSECODE Universe
ROSECODE Comic: Talking Zebra
ROSECODE Universe: Zebra in Abandoned World