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I started trading stocks in 2021, and was pleasantly surprised at how engaging and worthwhile the research process felt. I was able to beat index funds on a pretty consistent basis, but more than the financial return—the motivation for me was an excuse to pay attention to economic news across sectors, regions, and borders.

I found that I was able to turn a profit with an ESG portfolio, even as a short-term, retail trader. Check out my Substack newsletter if you'd like insight into my philosophy and approach. - Data Visualization Website

Technical Analysis

Since the strategy I found most effective revolved around fractional trading (making many small trades to mitigate risk) I needed different tools than a day trader who is primarily concerned with meme stocks or options trading. Specifically, I needed to see real-time price trends within my own portfolio without scrolling, as well as monitor specific financial indicators across a broader "watch list" of several hundred symbols.

Luckily, access to real-time financial data has only grown cheaper and more plentiful over time. The Lotus Chart captures a real-time, “birds eye view” of the U.S. Stock Market, showing active growth trends and securities metadata for 2000 US ticker symbols at one time. Similar live, interactive, and customizable charts are available for Russell 1K, Russell 2K, and S&P 500. Visit our website for pricing.


World Coin Trends ChartThe stock trading app I built runs client-side, but if you would like to try out the Lotus Chart for financial technical analysis, this World Coin Trends cryptocurrency chart, based on live data from CoinMarketCap's real-time API, offers a good preview.

Additional use cases and full demo may be viewed on the Lotus Chart examples page.

Client Sites

While CEO at Yes Exactly, I worked with financial industry clients to design sites aimed at both investment professionals and building basic financial literacy.

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